Waiting for the end of the season to choose Mauricio Pochettino permanently in charge of Manchester United.

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Former boss Sir. Alex Ferguson has set Mauricio Pochettino to take over at Manchester United. On a permanent basis at the end of the season. By giving a temporary coach to control the army while waiting.

Talk sport, A popular media in the UK News reports. Sir. Alex Ferguson the legendary manager of Manchester United is a leader in the push to win the club’s board. Mauricio Herrera Campo Shetty trainer of Jane Stein to control the team permanently. But have to wait until the end of this season first. Because he still has a mission to control Paris Saint-Germain in France.

The former Spurs coach has long been a target for the Red Devils. But has yet to be appointed. Even when unemployed after leaving the Golden Spikes Chicken in 2019. Now he takes on a job as PSG ‘s manager. Whose goal is to lead the team to win the UEFA Champions League. While the league championship should not be a problem. Because they scored 12 points away from 2nd place after 14 matches.

Fergie who has always supported  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer during his struggles in recent months. But in the end it really can’t be helped. It was report that Is pushing the board of directors of United to pull Pochettino to replace the team. Norwegian coach by this time the representatives had already been discuss. And I’m sure they’ll be convinc to say yes.

While Gary Neville a former Red Devils defender. Who turned himself into a media critic, believes that if the club makes an offer 49-year-old manager tomorrow He immediately packed his bags and moved to work. because the overall composition ready There were only people left to lead the army to success. 

“I think Mauricio Pochettino. Although he never spoke. But he will move to Manchester United on a five-year contract tomorrow. Because if you look at that group of players, look at the club and know that he may be more successful than he wants at Manchester United this “