Trent Alexander-Arnold is aiming for the highest Premier League season record.

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Dreaming of being No. 1 in the Premier League. Trent Alexander-Arnold. The young Liverpool star has said he is aiming to provide assists in the league this season. Including breaking various statistics in the movie industry as well

Trent Alexander-Arnold, right-back, English national team degree “Reds” Liverpool Football Club. The English Premier League giants who have returned to show good form again this season. By making a record in making assists for the agency already 8 times from playing in all items.

For the statistics of assisting Trent star player “Reds” all 8 times, divided into 6 times in the Premier League football with another 2 times in the UEFA Champions League football. For England, Trent has provided three assists in 2021, an excellent record.

Trent Alexander-Arnold revealed: “I wanted to make history myself. The result will try to do the best work. I want to break the record as much as possible. Especially in doing my assists. but above all I want to help the team win as much as I can.”

“Team performance and the trophy are more important. I personally think this award. But I secretly set personal goals as well. Because it’s also the motivation for my play. As for my assist goals, it’s in two digits. Both playing for the club and the national team. which I can now do But I want to do more.”

England national team star He added, “I want to help the team as much as I can. If possible this season I want to do assists. to Liverpool In the Premier League to get 15-20 times, including goals breaking records this season. including other statistics that can be done as well.”