Steven Gerrard was delighted with his triumphant start in charge and praised Ollie Watkins.

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard was delighted with his triumphant start in charge and praised Ollie Watkins finish as fans lauded another player.

           Steven Gerrard roared with delight. After Wins his first game as Aston Villa football manager and reveals. He lives to win the former England captain led his side to a 2-0 victory over Brighton. With late goals from Ollie Watkins and Tyrone Mings ending a five-game losing streak. That saw Dean Smith lost his job and forced Villa to hire Rangers’ Gerrard instead.

           Gerrard responded to Watkins’ goal with the same enthusiasm. He show during his long shot at Anfield. He spent part of the last week denying the allegations. He has used Villa as a stepping stone to becoming Liverpool manager and argues. His celebration shows his commitment to his new club.

Gerrard saying. 

           That’s the feeling of excitement and happiness. That you miss as a footballer. And that’s why I want to stay in the game. Gerrard said. I love winning, that’s my medicine. I love competition like to see the players happy smile and feel good There’s no better picture than the number 9 finishing with that kind of class and style.I’m trying to control my emotions. I want to be with the players on the sidelines and want them to see me. So that I can introduce them.

           I hate defeat. I hate losing in football 5v5 or 6v6. In practice games. I want to show my true emotions and feelings as much as possible. If anyone is wondering what it means to me Just keep an eye on me. After those doors. that’s true that’s the feeling That’s what it was a big week and a big game. Especially for players after losing 5 games. So it’s a mix of excitement, relief and pride. I couldn’t be more proud of the players. Basically they did everything we asked them to play.

        Brighton had control of the ball for most of the game. and even scored a goal at the end Gerrard knew there was still a lot of work to be done. They travel to Crystal Palace next week ahead of home games against Manchester City and Leicester City before Gerrard returns to Liverpool on December 11. He added: We’re pretty tense. Sometimes and it’s not all perfect. We still have a lot to develop. But over time we will get better. According to report by ufabet