Robbie Keane believes the Leeds player is not happy with Bielsa.

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Tottenham striker Robbie Keane believes one of the young sters was unhappy with Marcelo Bielsa’s decision in the Premier League defeat. Lost to the Golden Spikes Chicken Army last night.

             Robbie Keane told Sky Sports Premier League. That Leeds United midfielder Calvin Phillips was unhappy with Marcelo Bielsa. After their clash with Tottenham. The Premier League last night (Sunday 21 November 2021) with Keane believed Phillips did not want to play in defense for Leeds against Spurs at Tottenham. Hotspur Stadium.

          Robbie Keane believes the Leeds player is not happy with Bielsa.  

The England international usually plays as a central midfielder, however, against Spurs in the Premier League last night. Phillips played alongside Liam Cooper at centre-back and Diego Llorente, who normally plays at centre-back, was pushed out to play at right-back, with Luke Ayling remaining. Unable to enter the field due to injury and Phillips has been doing well in dealing with Spurs striker Harry Kane to the point that the England striker is unable to play. The 25-year-old was then pushed up into the midfield position in the second half. After the match, Phillips told Sky Sports he did not know why Bielsa had him play in defense.

             “To be honest, I do not know why he did it,” “I think that we need to get a little more. Because we know the dangers of attacking from both Harry [Ken] and Son [Heung-min]. ” “So we let Diego take on Son. And me and Cooper [Cooper] basically try to do one-on-one every time he moves out on each side. I think we are doing really well. in dealing with Harry But it’s just a lack of focus at certain parts of the game that hurts us.” 

             And what about Robbie Keane ? Discussed revealed through the Sky Sports Premier League last night that. “I felt from Calvin’s interview that He wanted to say a little more from what he had said. I don’t think he is satisfied with the position he plays,” said the former Leeds and Tottenham Hotspur striker. ” There is definitely something he needs to say more.”