Pep Guardiola raises Fox in a dangerous second half counter attack.

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has hailed Leicester City as having a “dangerous counter-attack” after scoring three goals in a row. His team came 3-4 before Sailboats won 6-3 in the Premier League on Boxing Day.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has admitted that. Leicester City play quality on counter-attacks especially in the second half Despite his team leading 4-0. They were relegated with only one goal left. Before his players finally won 6-3 in the English Premier League game on Sunday, December 26.

Boxing Day match at the Etihad Stadium, the Blues led four goals in the first 25 minutes and ended the first half with this score. causing many parties to expect that Will be able to play comfortably in the second half, but it turns out that the visiting team scored three goals, chasing it to 3-4, causing the situation of the Siam Fox team to have a chance to win again.


 City added two more goals, relieved a lot of pressure before winning 6-3 after the match. spanish trainer came out to praise the offensive game of the rival team that Well done and with a dangerous counter-attack. causing his team to face difficult tasks.

“It was a strange game, although we led 4-0 in the first half, but they always reached our final area with great passes. Up to the game with many people. They are of very high quality. And play a great counter-attack. In the second half they changed their strategy without having to press too high and were doing well, playing dangerously. But our players are not playing bad in any way,” Pep praised the opponent.

For the victory in this game, Manchester City have increased to 47 points, leading 2nd place Liverpool who played less than 1 game and 3rd place Chelsea with 41 points equal to the Reds, but the goal has already lost 6 points in second place. They will next visit Brentford on Wednesday December 29, followed by a trip to Arsenal on New Year’s Day. According to report by ufabet