Michael Carrick is sad that Solskjaer has been sacked.

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Manchester United head coach Michael Carrick admits it is sad and heartbreaking that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been sacked. But he will do his best to lead the team to do better.

Manchester United interim manager Michael Carrick admitted. That It is a sad day to learn that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been sacked as manager. But with the responsibility he received makes you have to look forward by doing good work. In the first game in charge of the army to attack Villarreal in the UEFA Champions League Group stage on Tuesday, November 23.

Former Red Devils midfielder has been appointed as the team leader. While the club is looking for someone to act instead. Norwegian coach without knowing how long it will take. Or if the subject does a good job. It may drag on until the end of the season. And then be appointed permanently. Starting from the mid-week game right away.

Carrick released a press conference under his new position for the first time. Saying: “It’s been a very emotional moment for everyone at the club. I’ve been working with Ole for three years. Seeing him lose his job is bad for me and the rest of the people. big in the club It’s a sad day I wish him success in the future. But I know the responsibility. We are looking at tomorrow’s game. Now the players are ready to go on the field.”

At the same time.

The Grandmaster cuts his eyes. Like Solskjaer. Who was previously appoint is not looking to take charge of United on a permanent basis. Saying whether it’s one game, two games or a little longer. It’s about tomorrow. But this time he would like to focus on the competition and do his best here. Then he would return to his own work. When someone joins the team.

For Manchester United ‘s situation in the UEFA Champions League group stage game, there are 7 points, equal to Villarreal. While Atalanta has 5 points and Young Boys have 3 points if this fifth match. Carrick can lead his team to attack to win. will qualify for the round of 16 immediately.