Louis van Gaal will remain on the bench for the Netherlands.

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Louis van Gaal will remain on the bench for the Netherlands World Cup qualifier against Norway on Tuesday. Despite the hip injury from falling off the bike. While in practice he still sits in a golf cart to control the team as usual.

Louis van Gaal coach of the Dutch national football team. Must sit in a golf cart to control the team down to practice. After falling from a bike ride cause hip injury. Before taking the orange windmill army into a decisive match for qualifying for the 2022 World Cup finals. Home to Norway National Team Tuesday 16 November.

The Orange Knights miss the chance to automatically get a ticket with a 2-0 lead over Montenegro. But were drawn 2-2 to earn just one point in their World Cup European Group G qualifiers on Saturday. On the 13th of November causing to have to win in the final match. They only asked for 1 point. 

But on Sunday The 70-year-old manager was involved in a bicycle accident. During the ride near the hotel Had to be taken to the hospital. Found to have a hip injury. But he still shows his spirit and refuses to sleep. Return to the golf cart to control the team to practice as usual.  

The former Manchester United boss gave a press conference on Monday. Via a video link while in a wheelchair saying “My body is not good. but the brain is still working I feel a lot of pain That’s why I was in the golf cart during practice. I was still able to do everything and make all the arrangements that would normally be possible.”

While Virgil van Dijk a talent defender of Liverpool and captain of the Netherlands national team. Which appear in the press release itself Speaking of the incident. I was shocked but happy that he was able to lead us. And did not have much impact in terms of preparation. Van Gaal is also enthusiastic to take the team to the World Cup as usual.