‘Lamp’ believes ‘Mount’ will be a magic player for Ghost

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Frank Lampard believes Mason Mount will become a fantastic player for Manchester United, although he would love to see the player stay at Chelsea. Mount was a youngster at Chelsea but ended up leaving the club after just one year left on his contract. Lampard played a key role in Mount’s development as he was his boss during his loan spell with Derby County and at the Blues and he believes the 24-year-old’s transfer is a great opportunity

. It was complicated and he ultimately had only one year left on his contract. And what he can bring to Manchester United will not be Mason’s quality alone,” said Lampard.

“He will bring a lot of talent but he will also raise the bar. Don’t get me wrong. The uplift has already happened with Bruno Fernandes, Rashford Casemiro… He’ll fit into the team very well ′′ If you try to build a team, create a team idea. ยูฟ่าเบท

A player who will give everything with their talent, he will fit in with that. I see sayings like ‘Why would you pay that much for him?’ In my opinion, Mount would be a fantastic player for them.” Lampard believes

Mount would like to stay at Stamford Bridge. Bridge went on and insisted the club remained in his heart.

I know he loves the club very much.

“And in this era, players move a lot. more than in my time And I don’t think the challenge of transfer depends on that, for Mason it’s a good challenge for him. I would like to see him stay at Chelsea because I thought he would be central to the team but it wasn’t what I expected.