Barcelona’s young midfielder Riki Push  violated a rule.

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There are news reports from Spain that reveal that. Barcelona’s young midfielder Riki Push violated a rule that Xabi Hernandez had just set after taking over as manager on Monday.

 New Barcelona manager Xabi Hernandez has spoken of the importance of rules. As soon as he was appointed coach of the football team on Monday 8 November 2021. However one of the children his team. Riki Push has already broken Xabi’s clear rules. That is reported by journalists Miguel Rico and Diario Sport. 

           The midfielder nearly bumped into someone. While riding an electric scooter with a friend on the sidewalk of Barcelona. It is not yet known how this event will affect Push or whether Xabi will let it go. Although this incident was only revealed to occur on the afternoon of Monday 8 November 2021. Before Xabi laid down his rules with the team.

One of Xabi’s rules states that.

 The ‘risk’ activities are no longer allow. Meaning the club will not allow any Barça players to take part in hobbies. That could jeopardize their safety. Electric bike riding and surfing were two activities that were no longer allow in the Xabi era.

          Riki Push is one of those players. Who hope Discuss will benefit the most from the appointment of Xabi to control the team. Under manager before Ronald Koeman players aged 22 years in this role a little and make improvements. Or his progress to a halt and the Play Maker is unable to identify cause. Barcelona has this season. Many were afraid that he would never be able to do it again.

           After formally making his debut as Barcelona ‘s new coach on Monday. The 41-year-old spoke with the players for around two hours to explain some of the rules. He would apply to keep his players highly disciplined. climb before leading the team to practice for the first time on Tuesday. After that on Wednesday, November 9, 2021. It was report that the team’s vice-captain Gerard Pique decide to cancel the media interviews next week. After his cue from the TV show  ‘El Hormiguero’ (Michael Orr have Tonon)  of Pablo Motorola’s next week. Which is believe to be. Because one of the rules of the new head coach is that players must consider the image of the club and focus on football first. According to report by ufabet