How to treat tooth decay?

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The method that should be used to treat tooth decay depends on the severity of the tooth decay, How to treat including:

Use fluoride

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in water that is not bottled. Has properties to help protect and restore teeth from decay. If decay occurs in the early stages. Your dentist will recommend the use of fluoride. Both in the form of toothpaste, mouthwash, gel, foam or tooth enamel. Including recommending the amount of sugar from food that should be eaten. To prevent additional from the accumulation of sugar.UFABET 

Tooth filling

Tooth filling is a treatment method use when decay has reached the inner surface. The doctor will use tooth-colored or strong materials. Such as porcelain, silver, or a combination of several materials. Fill the area.


Crowns are used in cases where there is extensive tooth decay. There is little tooth left. or have poor dental health. The doctor will remove all of the tooth pulp in the area of ​​decay. Before using tooth-colored materials. Or have strength and durability such as porcelain, resin or gold, cover that tooth and decorate it so that the tooth is anchored in the appropriate area.

root canal treatment 

If the decay reaches down to the root. The dentist will Root canal treatment  To repair damage and heal infected areas. The doctor may use medicine to treat the infected root of the tooth before replacing the decay area with a filling.