“Carbon” medicine to cure diarrhea. How to take it correctly?

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The weather is hot and stuffy like in our country. Outbreaks of food poisoning can be found continuously throughout the year, and there is still risk at restaurants on the side of the road. to a famous shop in the mall or famous hotel Whenever we have symptoms of bowel movement or diarrhea, many people think of carbon pills that can help us stop bowel movements. But when should we eat? And when should we treat with other methods? Sanook! Health has information to share with you.

What is “carbon” medicine?

Carbon medicine is a medicine that contains “activated charcoal” which has the effect of absorbing toxins. or chemicals from entering the body or may be used to relieve other symptoms At the doctor’s discretion or mixed with other medicines to specifically treat certain symptoms. สมัคร ufabet

What can carbon medicine treat?

  • Watery stools or diarrhea from food poisoning
  • bloating, indigestion
  • There is a lot of gas in the stomach. until causing stomach pain
  • Received chemicals or toxins 

Carbon medicine and misunderstandings

Carbon medicine is not a  ” stool-stopping medicine “, it is just a medicine that helps absorb chemicals, toxins, and bacteria that cause food poisoning through the stool. May help reduce symptoms of diarrhea in people suffering from food poisoning caused by bacteria.

If it is diarrhea that is not infected (watery diarrhea but not accompanied by cramps, vomiting, or fever), the body will gradually recover. You can stop taking photos yourself. It may not be necessary to take carbon pills. We should drink electrolyte water to compensate for the water lost from the bowel movement. To prevent shock from sudden dehydration instead (if taken more than 10 times and very tired It’s better to see a doctor to find out the exact cause of the loose bowel movement.