7 fashion tips to recommend if you have big arms

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7 fashion tips to recommend if you have a problem with big arms. For women, some people feel worried about the size of their arms being large. So there is uncertainty, especially when it comes to getting dressed. But thinking positively about your body can make the difference between feeling uncomfortable and feeling uncomfortable. However, it’s okay to admit that you don’t always love everything about your body. Sometimes we have different parts. that we want to conceal more to reveal other parts more clearly, but instead of “hiding” things you don’t like You should enhance what you like and wear the clothes you have now without waiting for your perfect self in the future. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Tips for dressing if you have big arms 

1. Choose clothes with semi-transparent fabric sleeves. or lace

If you want to look slimmer and adjust the size of your arms Wear a blouse (a blouse for women) with ruffled sleeves or a transparent top. Wearing loose clothing These generally do not cover your entire arm and create an illusion to make your arms look smaller. These clothes are extremely comfortable and cool to wear. And you can wear it in spring or summer. Especially if you choose neutral colors like white, beige or pastels, they go with any kind of accessory and will make you look really fashionable.

2. Avoid wide sleeved shirts.

Avoid wearing wide sleeved shirts. Shirts should be worn with smooth, well-fitting sleeves. Maybe a bright colored blouse. And can be better paired with loose skirts.

3. Single-breasted, large-breasted shirt.

You might think that sleeveless blouses aren’t for you. But the truth is that you can wear this type of blouse just with wide straps. There are many types of clothing that have wide straps. From blouses, dresses, palazzo pants, overalls, etc. Don’t limit your creativity. Because there is no clothing that is forbidden.

Sleeveless blouses with wide straps can be a good choice for those who want to cover up their arms. Because the wide straps help create the illusion of smaller arms. There are also a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Therefore can be worn on many occasions.

4. Choose to wear a three-quarter sleeve shirt.

Three-quarter sleeve shirts are a good option for people with large arms. Because it can help camouflage your arms. It can also be worn on a variety of occasions, both casual and formal. It is recommended to choose dark, simple colors. without much decoration And can be paired with loose pants or skirts. to create a balanced look

5. Wear the right blazer.

A shoulder padded jacket can help your arms look longer. Just roll up your sleeves a little. so that the sleeves do not completely cover the wrists and show off your beautiful skin. You can also wear accessories on your wrist such as watches or bracelets. To draw attention to the wrist instead of the sleeve. Jackets that are too straight or jackets with straight sleeves should be avoided. Choose a jacket with fitted sleeves and a cut at the waist.

6. Choose a loose-fitting sweater.

Wearing a loose-fitting, loose-fitting sweater with dropped shoulders will not only make you look more feminine. But they can also be paired with jeans to create a casual look. While light-colored sweaters or sweaters made from too thick fabric may not suit you.

7. Asymmetrical shirts

You should choose shirts that have an asymmetrical design, such as having straps on one side. one shoulder or the hem of the shirt is not the same length This type of shirt can help conceal large arms. Because it can distract attention from other parts of the body, it is also very stylish and interesting.