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Ronaldo advises the board to pull Luis Enrique.

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has made an offer to coach Luis Enrique of the Spanish national team. To become the new manager of Manchester United instead of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Who was removed from his position. Sky Sports the leading sports media News reports that. Chris Gutierrez down Ronaldo Super

Manchester United have finally sacked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

             Manchester United have sacked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as manager. After three years in charge following last night defeat to Watford in the Premier League (Saturday 20). November 2021) The results and team performances had a huge impact on this decision. And created continued pressure on the Norwegian coach.             Embarrassing

Owen Hargreaves reveals only one player has the power and belief in Watford.

Owen Hargreaves former England midfielder Believed. Only one Manchester United player showed ‘belief’ and ‘energy’ against Watford In the Premier League last night.              Owen Hargreaves blames play on ‘Totally unacceptable’ of Manchester United football team. After defeat to Watford on a 4-1 battle in the Premier League on the last

Jurgen Klopp has admired Liverpool’s impressive form.

Jurgen Klopp has admired Liverpool’s impressive form after losing to West Ham the previous game. Returning to a 4-0 thrashing of Arsenal football team in the latest game. And revealing they want to protect Sadio Nae had a problem on the sidelines with Mikel Arteta.

Thomas Tuchel wants Chelsea to improve their form.

German coach Thomas Tuchel wants Chelsea to improve their form. Especially the finishing despite showing good form to beat Leicester City 3-0 in the Premier League game. You can come on Saturday. Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel admits. He is happy with the team’s performance. But there are still things that need to

Sadio Mane a good attacking line can train as usual.

Liverpool have received good news Sadio Mane a good attacking line can train as usual. Despite a rib injury from the national team game ahead of the program against Arsenal football team on Saturday. Curtis Jones will still need weeks to heal from an eye injury. San

The Red Devils legend hails Jude Bellingham as a great player.

Roy Keane former Irish midfielder The Manchester United team has praised the young England midfielder Jude Bellingham as a player. Who has a high chance of becoming a great footballer in the future for this reason. Show outstanding form for England midfielder Jude Bellingham. Until the legendary

Barcelona’s young midfielder Riki Push  violated a rule.

There are news reports from Spain that reveal that. Barcelona’s young midfielder Riki Push violated a rule that Xabi Hernandez had just set after taking over as manager on Monday.  New Barcelona manager Xabi Hernandez has spoken of the importance of rules. As soon as he was appointed coach

Louis van Gaal will remain on the bench for the Netherlands.

Louis van Gaal will remain on the bench for the Netherlands World Cup qualifier against Norway on Tuesday. Despite the hip injury from falling off the bike. While in practice he still sits in a golf cart to control the team as usual. Louis van Gaal coach of the