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“… powerfully elegant country singer, Jeanne Jolly.”

Phil Cook’s “Southland Mission”, Raleigh’s Hopscotch Music Festival Highlights






April 24 show at WCU ‘can’t come fast enough’ for alumna Jeanne Jolly


Jolly said she is excited to be returning to WCU for the Friends of the Arts show. “April 24 can’t come fast enough,” she said. “I’m counting the days and can’t wait to see the Catamount Singers and Electric Soul do their thing.” Frazier and his School of Music faculty colleague Jon Henson are directing the show, a celebration of chart-topping pop music, along with some standards by artist such as Aretha Franklin and Lionel Richie. Jolly and the student vocalists and musicians also will perform some of her original songs, including her composition “Round and Round Again” from her “Angels” album. “I’ve always wanted to hear a choir of angels in the background, and Dr. Frazier wrote an arrangement for the band and singers to play behind me. That’s a dream come true,” Jolly said.

Tickets for “All Night Long” are $15 for adults, $10 for WCU faculty and staff, and $5 for students. Tickets are available by calling the Bardo Arts Center box office at 828-227-2479 or by visiting the website

More information about all facets of the benefit fundraiser are available at the Friends of the Arts website –


Jeanne Jolly returns to Western Carolina University as Guest Artist....

I’m so honored & excited to return to my alma mater, Western Carolina University, in Cullowhee, NC on April 24th.  I’m counting the days and can’t wait to see the Catamount Singers & Electric Soul do their thing.  I’m proud to say I was a member of the very first formation of the Catamount Singers under the direction of Dr. Bruce Frazier.  We wore purple collared shirts and khaki pants.  I have to say that the current outfits are WAY more flattering:)   I can’t wait to meet these super talented students and I’m beyond excited to finally perform in the Bardo Arts Center!  THIS IS SUCH A SPECIAL EVENT …

Western Carolina University’s Friends of the Arts organization will be hosting this annual benefit fundraiser, with a silent auction, raffle and special performance to help raise funds for scholarships and arts programming for students in WCU’s College of Fine and Performing Arts.

*** Click here for official press release from WCU’s “The Reporter”***

This concert is open to the public & will feature the Catamount Singers and Electric Soul performing songs you love as well as feature some of my own music which I will perform solo AND with these gifted guys and gals.  April 24th can’t come fast enough. I’M COMING FOR YOU CULLOWHEEEEEEE!!


All Night Long

WRAL features Jeanne Jolly

Tar Heel Traveler Feature   CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Jeanne Jolly takes her music on the road   CLICK HERE TO WATCH


Raleigh Native Jeanne Jolly plays ArtsCenter in Carrboro


“Oh yes, these new developments have certainly made the country-loving (and country-playing) Raleigh native’s life even more jolly than her last name suggests. But she’s also beaming because she recently completed a new album, which she recorded at Fidelitorium Recordings in Kernersville.”

Craig Lindsey, News & Observer


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Press Quotes

“Once seen and heard, singer-songwriter Jeanne Jolly from Raleigh, N.C., is hard to forget, her songs easy to remember — especially if you have her debut, “Angels,” and have the habit of playing over and over the 10-track collection released last October. One of contemporary music’s best-kept secrets, she is a revelation when you sit in on one of her concerts.”

The Boston Globe

“Damn, that Jeanne Jolly can sing. All those metaphors comparing her voice to a songbird, an angel, a summer’s breeze, they just don’t cut it. Jolly’s voice is the first day of spring, after the grey dirty snow has melted and the sun beams down on the crocuses that begin to bloom. The birds sing while you sit on a porch swing with your new lover, a glass of wine in hand, gazing at the rainbow out west.  No, that doesn’t cut it either.  Imagine Joni Mitchell with Billie Holiday’s stylings.  You’re getting warmer.”

Atlanta Music Guide

“She is undeniabley a versatile singer with an amazing and rare ability to sing with the sophistication of modern jazz and the simple passion of Appalachian Americana. Jolly has a gorgeous voice that isn’t something you hear or happen upon everyday.”

Common Folk Music Review

“Raleigh, North Carolina country singer Jeanne Jolly’s latest album Angels has a lot of great tunes and great stories… This is an ambitious album: Jolly covers an awful lot of ground here, keeps her bearings and when she pulls out all the stops, it can be breathtaking.”

New York Music Daily

“This Jeanne Jolly deserves a place among the great names of the 21st century female singer songwriters and they should, in our opinion, have a very worth successor to this handsome debut album, ‘Angels’.”

Rootstime Magazine (Belgium)

“Angels is a solid, warm, and varied album that will satisfy virtually all who are fortunate enough to listen.”

Americana Review

” An effortlessly masterful songwriter…”

Creative Loafing (Pat Moran)

“She and her band performed several songs from her newest CD  Angels . Every song was filled with powerful lyrics, emotion and rhythm which moved the soul. It was an amazing concert performed by three talented artists…The crowd was mesmerized and engulfed with home grown music dipped in a Soulful style performance. It was a great show.”

Cumberland Insider (Tennessee)

“In a time when a one-hit wonder creates instantaneous fame.  It is refreshing when you find an artist that has been secretly developing a treasure trove of very beautiful, honest, and satisfying music…It takes a special talent to weave a traditional country sound with so many other genres and Jolly pulls it off without skipping a beat.”

Wayne Independent (Pennsylvania)

“One track sounds like Sade shuffling beats and pedal steel twang; another, like she’s out to embarrass all of the pop-country poseurs on CMT.  She can even cover that beautiful voice in grit and go all Lone Justice/Maria McKee for a guitar fueled tearjerker and there’s even a waltz where that opera training kicks in and knocks our socks off.   This is a promising start for a very talented singer and songwriter.”

Creative Loafing (John Schacht)

“she’s got an eye for detail, likes to work the suspense for all it’s worth, and her band is sensational”

New York Music Daily

“If there has ever been a person who truly deserves her last name, it’s Jeanne Jolly. The Raleigh native shows up, beaming enough sunshine to make curmudgeons crack a begrudging smile”

News and Observer

“Her music now echoes her classical training but blurs the lines between folk, country, jazz and soul, and turns into something that’s her own sound”.

Fayetteville Observer

“Jeanne Jolly has a heavenly voice…Jolly embodies the traits of an established performer who has been playing juke joints and concert halls for 20 years. At her last performance in Durham at the Carolina theatre, Jolly blew away her hometown audience”

Metro Magazine

“The very talented, Jeanne Jolly took the stage to perform Good Morning Heartache and What’ll I Do? Ms. Jolly is a very adept singer and is capable of communicating the emotional nature of these songs to an audience which translates in inciting an emotional response from listeners.”
Jazz Article Chris Botti: An Evening at Davies Symphony Hall with the San Francisco Symphony

“Her performances as a guest singer with highly regarded trumpeter Chris Botti a few years ago proved that in a virtual sea of singers, she is more than a catch. But that was just jazz….The raw purity of what some would call “true” country is evident in each song, backed by sturdy country instrumentation — an imperative piece to the country music puzzle.”
Metro Magazine