Boundless Love- Jeanne Jolly (Official Video)


“Boundless Love” Official Music Video – Directed by Vernon Rudolph
Boundless Love- song written by Jeanne Jolly & Chris Boerner, ASCAP
from the album, “A Place to Run” (Oct 2015) Ramblewood Records

I am so happy to share this video with you all!!  We had a blast shooting this and I think it shows.  Big shout out to our Director, Vernon Rudolph and his amazing crew for doing such a beautiful job and to my wonderful crew of music makers (Chris Boerner, Matt McCaughan, Roger Gupton, & James Wallace).ALL of you smiling, dancers, dogs, kiddos, & sweet SWEET folks that came to join us MADE this video.  Thank you for your generosity and your spirit!

Thank you to the Boundless Love Crew & costars:)!
Vernon Rudolph, Mikel Barton, Steve Milligan, Jason Summers, Adam Thomas, Brian Decontreras, Jamie Warzel, Emma Carter, Kim Konsler, Darlene Wells, Paul Kilpatrick, Sarah Bridger, Todd McLean, & our sweet pup, Lucy McLean

Boundless Love all around!

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