Love is the Only Thing (Shed Sessions) – Jeanne Jolly & Matt Douglas

Matt Douglas and I were hanging out in his studio (The Shed) one afternoon and this sweet, laid back duet happened:) “Love is the Only Thing” holds a great message for the season.  Consider it a holiday gift from us to you!

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“Love is the Only Thing” written by J. Leslie McFarland, arr. & performed by Matt Douglas and Jeanne Jolly

JeanneMatt_08 - Version 2Photo taken by Ellen Douglas at The Shed

Guest dog appearance – Emma Douglas
Handmade wreath (2013/14 #1 wreath contest winner) – Jeanne Jolly
Wardrobe – JJ & Matty Bones
Stockings hung with care – Matt Douglas
“Love is the only thing that matters at all….after all”
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