Taking a moment…


Snapshot 2013-09-17 14-15-57With all of the driving, singing, and playing, sometimes our runs around the U.S. turn into a blur when I get home and dive into the details of the next tour.  It’s been nice to sit back in the perfect September weather here in NC and reflect on all we’ve accomplished since “Angels” was released last October.   We just got back from a month long tour across the U.S. to the coast of Oregon and back.  We drove 12,000 miles in 29 days and got to see so much of this beautiful country we live in.  1236409_10153167079095594_374861711_nI feel blessed that my music is taking me on the road and that I have such lovely folks to travel with and to play for.  I look forward to many more shows in many more cities! Thank you ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE who come out to our shows along the way! Many of you have stayed in touch with us and have told your friends in other cities to come see our show.  Thank you!



In this state of gratitude…I give big thanks to my +FE Family, Adele Lassiter,  AND I MUST give a shout to Chris Boerner (producer/8 string guitarist) & Nick Baglio (drummer/keyboard player) for continuing to ride all these miles with me, while lighting up the stage the way you do.  I still can’t believe we didn’t run out of gas and there’s actually a gas station called “The Middle of Nowhere” …with Llamas …and Llama food in a candy dispenser…AND Eddy Arnold’s “Cattle Call” on repeat.


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