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In a time when a one-hit wonder creates instantaneous fame, it’s refreshing when you find an artist that has been secretly developing a treasure trove of very beautiful, honest and satisfying music. Friday, April 5 at the Hawley Silk Mill, Harmony Presents Jeanne Jolly, an old school country singer blending Nashville roots with rock, jazz and even a bit of classical.

The result is a solid, warm and varied performance that will satisfy virtually all who are fortunate enough to listen.

Jeanne’s unmistakable signature voice easily shifts between belting Americana and lilting golden croons.

Classically trained, Jolly really demonstrates her incredible diversity on several of tracks of her new album “Angel” which will be performed at the show.

It takes a special talent to be able to weave a traditional country sound with so many other genres, and Jolly pulls it off without skipping a beat.

Although Jolly’s voice can give you goosebumps, she saves the pyrotechnics for when she really wants to nail a lyric or drive a chorus home. Her songs usually follow a narrative: she’s got an eye for detail and likes to work the suspense for all it’s worth.

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