Angels in Carolina, Interview and Album Review with Jeanne Jolly: NEW RALEIGH

Jeanne Jolly’s voice is a frustrating actuality. When she digs in and detonates her powerful vocals, like on “Long Way Home” or “Angels On Hayworth St.” in the spirit of Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton or even Linda Ronstadt, you never want to hear her do anything but that. Then you hear her crooning on “Sweet Love” and you’ve thought that Rickie Lee Jones and Anita Baker made a baby that went to New England Conservatory, figured out it was all bullshit, and started singing folk songs. And now that’s all you want to hear her sing. The result is a staying moment of satisfaction at the fading out of each track, leaving you waiting and wondering which of your favorite sides of Jeanne Jolly will be presenting itself next. by Matt Douglas

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