New full length album, “ANGELS”, to be released on +FE Music on October 2, 2012!

I am SO happy to announce that my new record, ANGELS, will be released on +FE Music on October 2, 2012 with a CD Release show at Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC on October 5 at 7pm! I’m very proud to be a part of +FE family! I knew when I was asked sit in on their live DVD back in February of 2011, that it was a beautiful union but I had no idea what this union would yield.  It’s nothing but good times on the road supporting vocals for their Authenticity Tour.  I’ve been able to really get to know them and develop such a deep respect for them as people, musicians, and entrepreneurs. When Phonte and Nicolay heard the rough mixes of the record and asked me if I’d consider joining the +FE roster, I looked over at Chris Boerner (my band mate & the producer of ANGELS) and our jaws dropped.  I feel so lucky to be releasing my record this way & with folks that know all sides of the business through their own experience and who believe whole heartedly in me.  I remember back when I was recording Steal Away in Phonte’s studio in the middle of the night.  I was talking to him about music, song writing, and ways to expand my “territory”.  He simple said, “Go where the love is Jeanne Jolly.”  Well, I am doing just that and it feels like home.
Official +FE Music announcement:
We are excited to announce that “Angels,” the debut full-length from Raleigh, NC-based singer/songwriter Jeanne Jolly, drops 10/2 on +FE Music.

A member of our touring crew since 2011, Jeanne has been a welcome addition to the +FE Music family. Appearing on “Dear Friends” (“Laughing At Your Plans,” “Steal Away”), Phonte’s “Charity Starts At Home” LP (“Everything is Falling Down,” “Who Loves You More”), and Zo’s “…just visiting three” (“Same Ole Love”), Jeanne has been a natural fit for the +FE aesthetic and a wonderful extension of our musical partnership.

Her 10 song, Chris Boerner produced LP features the single “Sweet Love” and contributions from Hot at Nights drummer Nick Baglio and pedal steel guitarist Allyn Love.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the music and as always, thank you for listening.

Phonte and Nicolay

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